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Suzerain develops investment strategies based on a mathematical approach. It aims for high returns for its clients through the application of a rigorous financial method. As a trusted partner, it bridges the gap between the best managers and the general public.

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Opening doors to the best

Experts in investment funds and partners with the best managers, we open doors for the general public to strategies previously reserved for the wealthiest.

Our strategies -

Funds of funds

The funds of funds strategy involves investing in a portfolio of investment funds to diversify risk across various assets, markets, and managers. This professional approach allows investors to efficiently manage their portfolio while minimizing risks.


The secondary strategy involves buying and selling shares already held by other investors. It offers the advantage of entering the fund's investment cycle at a later stage, allowing for more informed investment decisions based on past performances and quicker liquidity.

GP Stake

The GP Stake strategy offers investors a unique opportunity to participate in the profits of a renowned fund management company. By investing in a share of future revenues, investors are encouraged to support the company's long-term growth.

Suzerain has built a dynamite strategy, combining data and trust to provide access to the very best.

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We identify the best managers

These experts shape financial success through their experience and meticulous market analysis. Their risk management abilities lead to stable and high-performing portfolios.

  • Professionalism. Investment fund managers are the experts who shape financial success. Their experience, sharp market analysis, and risk management abilities craft performing and stable portfolios for investors. Their commitment to excellence in asset management provides peace of mind for financially-conscious clients.
  • Trust. Trust is the cornerstone of the relationship between investment fund managers and their clients. They earn this trust through unwavering transparency and by implementing robust expertise in asset management.
  • Support. We minimize our risks by closely following each of our lines. The support of a fund of funds is crucial for investment fund managers. It provides invaluable advice, solid expertise, and support to maximize performance and effectively manage risks, thus contributing to financial success.

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